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Your stress-free and cost effective solution for developing Android apps with reliable Bluetooth® Smart connections.

What is SweetBlue?

As Android developers, our App team knows how difficult it can be supporting the plethora of phones and tablets in the market. SweetBlue serves as the friendly middleman between your code and the chaos, offering a simple API that hides the details and lets you focus on what's most important to you: your app.

Save Development Time

Sit back and let SweetBlue handle the nitty gritty issues of Bluetooth Smart development for Android and save months of development time.

Normalize Devices

Write code for one smart device and have the confidence that it will work on any other, saving you thousands in hardware and testing costs.

Eliminate Bugs

Know what's going on under the hood at all times with comprehensive analytics, diagnostics, logging and debugging facilities.


Core Features

  1. An API designed from the ground-up to be simple, predictable and robust.
  2. Transparent fallback, retry and correction mechanisms for a multitude of failure conditions, both transient and permanent.
  3. High-level constructs like transactions, state tracking and polling that make common use cases a breeze to implement.
  4. Open-source codebase, full-coverage API documentation, sample projects and support.
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Tested Android Devices

iDevices performs extensive testing on the most popular Android devices to certify their compatibility with our SweetBlue library. This list will be updated as new devices are tested.

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Plans & Pricing

Use the SweetBlue library for developing your commercial apps. Select a plan that meets your needs and budget and get started with development today.

Get started right away and save yourself months of development time.

  • All free version features
  • Use in one commercial application
  • $995 (reoccurring yearly) or
    $2,695 (single payment)
Benefit from direct support with our in-house team of experts that built SweetBlue.

  • All standard features
  • Use in one commercial application
  • Unlimited phone/email support
  • Priority response to emerging Android BLE issues
  • Input on new features
  • $1,295 (reoccurring yearly) or
    $3,495 (single payment)
Working on several applications or looking to include our library in your own software? We'd love to discuss the project your working on and design a custom solution tailored to your goals and timeline.

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