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Work with our team to bring advanced connected products to market. Don't reinvent the wheel, we know IoT, work with the experts to bring your product or service to market quickly and efficiently.


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iDevices offers a complete portfolio of end-to-end solutions to get your brand connected. These technologies mean you can focus on your core offering while reducing development time, costs and risk implications. 


Technology Solutions For Connected Products

iDevices IoT Infrastructure

Solving your connectivity needs 50 million devices at a time. The iDevices IoT Platform reduces development costs, shortens time to market, eliminates onboarding and ultimately, enhances the end-user experience

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Android™ Bluetooth® Smart Library

Our App team knows how difficult it can be supporting the plethora of phones and tablets in the market. SweetBlue™ serves as the middleman between your code and the chaos, offering a simple API that hides the details and lets you focus on your app.

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iDevices is the preeminent platform architect and product developer, powering the future of IoT

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We don't just offer our hardware, software and data infrastructure services to other companies. In fact, we know they are the best, so we use them to develop our own iDevices Connected products.

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With one of the world's first app-enabled products and HomeKit™ enabled products, iDevices has deep understanding of the ins and outs of working to develop connected home products meeting solid guidelines.

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We don't outsource anything. If you work with iDevices, you know that you are working with people directly from our Avon, CT office, at all times.

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