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Learn more about our Android™ Bluetooth® Smart library, SweetBlue!

Ryan Mackstutis, Marketing & Communications Specialist
Ryan Mackstutis, Marketing & Communications Specialist

Some of our team is attending AnDevCon in Boston, MA this week to promote our Android™ Bluetooth® Smart library, SweetBlue. This advanced library, created by our in-house app team, saves developers months of work, eliminates bugs and normalizes devices. SweetBlue helps you to create Android apps with reliable Bluetooth Smart connections.

In light of this event, I decided to sit down with Doug Koellmer, iDevices Senior App Developer to have a conversation to help me understand what it took to develop SweetBlue.

Ryan: So, I know you’ve been super busy for what seems like a year now! How long did it really take to develop SweetBlue?

Doug: It’s been about a 6-month long development period and of course, updates and bug fixing are always going to be continuous. So it’s still going! I’ve been completely focused on this library full-time, so it definitely has been an in-depth, vigorous process.

Ryan: What would you tell other app developers about the difficulties with developing Android apps for Bluetooth Smart products?

Doug: One of the main obstacles that you have to overcome is the sheer number of Android phones and software out there. Every device has different drivers, layers, components and bugs. It’s very complex and that’s why we released SweetBlue to other developers; it helps clear the clutter and allows you to really focus on the quality of your app without having to stress out over the complexities of Android for Bluetooth Smart development.

Ryan: So, who needs SweetBlue? How’s it going to benefit them?

Doug: Basically, any developer looking to create a Bluetooth Smart app on an Android device needs SweetBlue. It allows developers to release a Bluetooth app 6 months faster (on average). So, you’ll get your product to market faster with stronger Bluetooth connections and lower development costs…it’s pretty much a no-brainer. Overall, SweetBlue saves you money and time by minimizing the research, testing, development, hardware, bug fixing and developer costs.

Still have more questions about SweetBlue? Here is a quick breakdown of features and other FAQ’s!

SweetBlue Features:

  • An API designed from the ground-up to be simple, predictable and robust.
  • Transparent fallback, retry and correction mechanisms for a multitude of failure conditions, including both transient and permanent.
  • High-level constructs like transactions, state tracking and polling that make common use cases a breeze to implement.
  • Open-source codebase, full-coverage API documentation, sample projects and support.

Learn about all SweetBlue has to offer here. 

Pricing and Availability:

SweetBlue is available on the iDevices website today. Pricing varies depending on what type of project the library will be used for. Contact iDevices today to get pricing for your project.

  • Free Version – Evaluation and development purposes, non-commercial use only.

We hope to see you at the conference, visit booth #303!