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Build A Lasting
Relationship With Us

Our partnerships take many different forms, but they all have one common thread - they are relationships built on trust, transparency and longevity - there is no such thing as "just a transaction" at iDevices®.

 The Designed with iDevices program offers the opportunity to work collaboratively with a complete and proven development partner.

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Work with Our Team

Our expertise spans a variety of areas with quality in-house services.

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Use Proven

We offer the same technologies that are used in our products. 

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Learn From
Our Experiences

We've gained the know-how of developing a connected product.

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Join The

Our "Designed with iDevices" clients are partners for life.

In-House Services

Embedded Engineering
App Development
User Experience Design
Cloud Infrastructure
Electrical Engineering
Marketing Support
Industrial Design
iDevices Packaging

Retail & Distribution Partnerships

There are many options available when bringing a product to market. At iDevices we look for partners with proven success in consumer education and shopping experiences. By placing iDevices Connected products in your stores, you're joining an elite group of retailers and distributors in the growing connected home evolution. 

Current Market Coverage

Technology Partnerships

The world of technology is constantly evolving and it's important to us that we have best solutions to offer our customers and end-consumers. That's why we partner with leaders in all aspects of technology for hardware, software and cloud integrations.

"Over the last seven years, iDevices has developed an unparalleled team in the connected product space. When partnering with iDevices, a company can go beyond co-development. We can create a wide range of opportunities and benefits that add to the overall value proposition for our partners and their customers."
CHRIS ALLEN   |   CEO of iDevices

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