We offer a complete suite of solutions,
covering all aspects necessary for launching a HomeKit-enabled product.

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iDevices unique combination of hardware and software expertise has allowed it to become a trusted partner for Fortune 500 companies across the globe and leader of innovation in the connected home space.

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iDevices Platform Solutions

A complete suite of software and hardware allowing for turnkey access to the Internet of Things.

iDevices has combined its IoT expertise with its connected product development experience to create solutions tailored to reducing time-to-market.
Recognizing the long-term vision, iDevices created a suite of solutions encompassing hardware and software design to ensure a premium user experience.
The top home automation brands are engaging with iDevices for HomeKit-enablement and integration into the iDevices Connected ecosystem.

iDevices Platform Components

Covering all aspects of HomeKit-enablement for your new or existing product, the iDevices Platform is adaptable to many situations.


Designed with clean and minimal interfaces, the iDevices SDK provides our partners with quick and simple integration.


Pushing the limits of wireless technology in order to deliver seamless integration of functionality, ease of use and security.


Unique by design, the iDevices IoT cloud removes the middleman and passes information directly from point A to point B, making it secure by nature.


Built as a foundation for an ecosystem of connected products, the iDevices Connected app provides a unified experience and eliminates the need for multiple apps.


Whether it's retrofitting an existing product or enhancing a new product, iDevices can provide a solution for various connected home frameworks and the cloud.

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