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Automate your smart home with Scenes in the iDevices Connected app

iDevices News, Automate your smart home with Scenes in the iDevices Connected app
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Controlling just one smart home product at a time with your voice or phone is great. But, did you know there’s a HomeKit feature that allows you to control multiple products of your choice with a single command?

It’s called Scenes, and it’s a feature only available via the HomeKit ecosystem. iDevices products work with HomeKit, and since the iDevices Connected app allows you to control other HomeKit products — not just those from iDevices — you can set up intricate Scenes that control a variety of connected products.

What's a Scene?

Let’s take a step back – sorry, I get excited about this home automation stuff. A Scene is a group of multiple products performing specific actions, such as turning on, turning off, adjusting temperature and brightness, and so on.

You can manually activate, or “play” a Scene with the iDevices Connected app. You can also play Scenes with your voice using Siri, or schedule Scenes on the app. Scheduling a scene or playing a Scene with Siri remotely requires an Apple Home Hub (Apple TV 4K, Apple TV 4th Generation or iPad® running iOS 10 and later). If you just want to use Siri to play Scenes at home, you don’t need a hub.

What can I do with a Scene?

Here’s a better question to ask yourself: what can’t I do with a Scene?

It’s the perfect way to automate the smart things in your home, making them – wait for it – even smarter. I know that sounds silly, but it's true. Any landmark event in your day calls for a Scene. Instead of turning products on/off one by one with your phone or voice, do it all at once and really start living that smart home lifestyle you brag to your friends about. 

Wake up in the morning: That’s definitely a Scene you’d want to schedule. Lights throughout the house go on at the desired brightness when you need to wake up, thermostat adjusts to the right temperature, humidifier and air purifier in the bedroom go off. Just some ideas – the more HomeKit gear you have, the more intricate it can get. That goes for every Scene you create, by the way. 

Leave for work: A great time to use Siri to activate your Scene. As you walk out the front door, you call to Siri, and just like that, she mysteriously responds by shutting the lights off, adjusting the thermostat, and turning off the fan. No stress, Siri just took care of it.

Heading home: Leave work, get in your car, open the app, play the Scene, and jam out on the way home knowing that everything in your home is exactly as you want it when you arrive. Perfection.

Dinner is served: Hey Siri, it’s feeding time. Kitchen lights go off, while the dining room lights adjust to your desired brightness. You can even set your television connected to our smart wall outlet to turn off so the kids have no choice but to come eat. Magical, isn’t it?

Sleepy time: It’s the opposite of your “Wake up in the morning” Scene. Lights dim so you can slowly fad to sleep, and on to the next day.

Bonus Scenes

There are the Scenes you’ll use every day as part of your routine. And then there are the Scenes you’ll use for entertaining, special occasions (Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays fellas, they'll never expect it), or other tasks that you desire. 

You can create personalized Scenes for anything: Cleaning, working out, yoga, reading to the kids, movies.    

As always, if you have any questions about iDevices products and setting up Scenes, don’t hesitate to reach out to our U.S.-based customer experience team: 

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