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A quick guide to creating HomeKit Scenes for smart home automation

iDevices News, A quick guide to creating HomeKit Scenes for smart home automation
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A truly smart home means not having to push a button to control every single light in your home. With Scenes, an Apple HomeKit feature available in the iDevices Connected app, you can group iDevices/HomeKit products based on your daily routine (e.g. morning, leaving for work, arriving home, bedtime) and control them with a single app or voice command.

iDevices products work with HomeKit, and since the iDevices Connected app allows you to manage other HomeKit products — not just those from iDevices — you can set up intricate Scenes that automate a variety of connected products alongside our smart switches, outlets, and thermostat

What's a HomeKit Scene?

Scenes are defined as a group of multiple products performing specific actions, such as turning on, turning off, adjusting temperature and brightness, and so on.

Scene creation in the iDevices Connected app

As noted above, you can create and manage your Scenes right in the iDevices Connected app (Click here for step-by-step directions). Another option would be the Home app, which is preloaded onto most iOS devices.

You can initiate or “play” a Scene with either app. You can also play Scenes with your voice using Siri. Say you named the Scene "Good Morning" — you'd say "Hey Siri, good morning," and all the actions you specified (lights on, temperature adjusts, music plays from HomePod) will happen just like that.

You can also schedule Scenes with either app. Scheduling a scene or playing a Scene remotely with Siri requires an Apple Home Hub (Apple TV 4K, Apple TV 4th Generation or iPad® running iOS 10 and later). If you just want to use Siri to play Scenes at home, you don’t need an Apple Home Hub.

If you don't like a Scene, don't worry! They're easy to edit and delete; just follow these steps in the iDevices Connected app. 

Daily automation with Scenes 

Any landmark event in your day calls for a Scene:

Good morning: This is probably a Scene you’d want to schedule to help you wake up in the morning. Set lights throughout the house to go on at the desired brightness when you need to wake up (and play music through your HomePod or Apple TV to get moving!), have your thermostat adjust for comfort, and turn off the air purifier in the bedroom. 

Heading out: Leaving the house is a great opportunity to use Siri to activate your Scene. As you walk out your front door, just say "Siri, heading out" through your iPhone or HomePod,  and watch your lights  turn off or dim to a lower level while your thermostat adjusts for greater efficency. 

Heading home: Leaving work or the grocery store parking lot? Open up the app or use Siri to activate your heading home Scene. Turn the lights back on, and adjust the temperature for comfort. When you pull into the driveway, the lights will already be on (no one likes coming home to a dark house) and it's already the perfect temperature inside. 

Dinner is served: 'Hey Siri, it’s feeding time.' Set the kitchen lights to dim, while the dining room lights adjust to your desired brightness for the perfect evening ambiance. Add to the ambiance with some tunes through your HomePod or Apple TV. Having trouble getting the kids off the couch? Connect your TV and/or video game consoles to our smart wall outlet and have them turn off as part of the Scene. They'll have no choice but to join you at the table. 

Goodnight: Set lights throughout the house to turn off (so you don't have to walk room-to-room and do it yourself) and dim your bedroom lights to help you prepare for a restful sleep. Set the lights and your Apple TV to fully turn off after 30 minutes or so, and fade into dream land. 

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