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Connected App

Everything You Love About Your Home, In One App.

Designed For You And Your Home

Easy Setup
Intuitive Navigation
Customized By You

Connecting your home shouldn't be intimidating. The Connected app takes out the stress and makes it as simple as possible.

  • Download the app for free
  • Add products instantly
  • Control without a hub

Designed from the perspective of the user, the Connected app provides simple navigation that feels just like moving through your home.

  • View your home from one dashboard
  • Quickly swipe through rooms
  • Tap into products for full details

Your home is unique to you. We've built an app that respects that and gives you the freedom to make it your own.

  • Personalize with photos of your home
  • Organize with rooms and zones
  • Design scenes unique for your life

Designed For Your Life

Good Morning

Good Morning

Wake up to a pre-lit, warm house and start your day off right.
Good Morning
Going To Work

Going To Work

Leave the house knowing everything is turned off and scheduled for your return.
Going To Work
Dinner Time

Dinner Time

Set the right dinner mood for the family, with lighting and music.
Dinner Time


It's her favorite time of day. Set a fun scene for her playtime.
Movie Night

Movie Night

Turn on her favorite film and set the mood for a romantic movie night.
Movie Night


Go to sleep knowing everything is set just the way you like it.

For However You Want To Use It

Control your home with your iOS or Android device. Enjoy the flexibility of using your voice through Amazon Alexa, Siri®, or the Google Assistant.

Use Simple Voice Commands To Control Your iDevices Smart Home Products

"Ok Google,
set my bedtime scene"
dim my kitchen lights."
"Hey Siri®,
set my thermostat to 68°."
"Ok Google,
turn on my home."
turn on my upstairs."
"Hey Siri®,
play my dinner scene."

Access your home from anywhere, for free without a hub

…when you're on your way
home from work
…when you can't remember
if you switched it off
…when you want peace of
mind when out of town

Make It Feel Just Like Home

Create Rooms
Familiar To You
Group Similar
Rooms Into Zones
Set Scenes That
Fit Your Lifestyle
Upload Your
Own Images
Easily Identify
With Thumbnails
Name Your
Products and Rooms

One of the best HomeKit apps we've tested yet, with attractive, easy-to-use controls for both the iDevices Switch and the rest of the products huddling under Apple's umbrella.

Ry Crist
Associate Editor at CNET

The first thing I noticed when I opened the app was the simple but elegant interface. It was clear that the iDevices app is built for efficiency no matter how many smart-home devices it's integrating.

David Priest
Associate Editor at CNET

Unlike other devices that require a home hub, iDevices created a custom cloud so a costly hub is not needed.

Let's Get You
Connected With A Product

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