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Our passion is to create meaningful products that integrate sophisticated mobile technology and enhance your everyday experiences. iDevices’ dedicated entrepreneurs will stop at nothing to connect your world.


iGrill Family

It all started with a spark lit by CEO Chris Allen in 2009 to develop the iGrill. Since its successful launch, the iGrill has been used by a wide variety of people, from the nation's top BBQ teams to everyday backyard grillers. The iGrill has improved the way to grill by giving users the ability to step away from the grill to complete other tasks while ensuring that their meat is cooked to perfection.
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Our development team took everything we've learned since the launch of the original iGrill and created this top-of-the-line Bluetooth Smart grilling thermometer designed for the pros, and built for everyone. With the ability to use four probes at once, the iGrill2 is sure to take the grilling community by storm.
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We aim to please all of our customers from the everyday griller to the most intense BBQ’ers out there. That's why we created a lower cost version of the iGrill2, the iGrillmini. This ultra-compact grilling thermometer is affordable without any compromise on functionality.
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Kitchen Thermometer Family

It was quickly realized after the launch of the iGrill, that the idea of being able to receive alerts through an app once your food is perfectly cooked meets the needs of indoor chefs just as much as it does outdoor ones. We wanted to design and develop a product that would be not only functional and easy-to-use for the indoor cook, but also aesthetically pleasing for every style kitchen.

Kitchen Thermometer

After months of market research to ensure the perfect industrial design intertwined with the ideal functionalities of a thermometer, the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer has quickly become a desired gadget for serious chefs.
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Kitchen Thermometer mini
Kitchen Thermometer mini

Our engineering and industrial design teams were determined to make this product as compact and discreet as possible. It fits seamlessly into any kitchen and acts as the users secret sous-chef for everyday cooking.
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iDevices Smart Module

iDevices Bluetooth® Module

iDevices introduces our custom module and software stack for Broadcom Bluetooth® Smart chips. This custom Bluetooth® Smart module will allow engineers to add full Bluetooth® Smart functionality to their products without having to dive into Broadcom's ADK. It's one of the smallest, most cost effective modules on the market. Includes an embedded Bluetooth Smart antenna, 24Mhz clock, and 512Kb EEPROM, reducing the number of external components needed.
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At iDevices we have an ever growing amount of clients that we do work for. Integrating our unique bluetooth module into devices that are changing the way people view the world as well as providing outstanding design and offering our many other services.

Almost 25% of the worlds' power production capacity relies on Alstom. Naturally, we were eager to create an application to connect to one of their systems.

Our app team created a streamlined app experience with cloud integration for a new division of Protein Sciences.

The iSwimband, worn on the head or wrist of a child, will alert a parents' smart device if the child is underwater for a certain period.

iNotebook seamlessly transmits your handwritten notes to your iPad using Bluetooth® wireless technology.

Zebra Technologies has been a long and valued consulting client of iDevices for the app-enablement and MFi certification of their hand-held printers.

iDevices’ UX / UI team was tasked with designing the CycleNav bike navigation app for iOS and Android. The app links to the CycleNav handlebar mounted device giving bike riders turn-by-turn navigation with visual and audible directions from the free app. Available Spring 2014.