Connect your home with iDevices products
featuring Apple HomeKit technology.

Your Home At Your Fingertips

Apple HomeKit technology provides an easy, secure way to control your home's lighting, thermostats, and more from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. HomeKit allows you to link iDevices products to other HomeKit enabled accessories giving you the ability to control them using your voice, or through the iDevices Connected app.

Home at your fingertips,

The Complete Solution For Your Connected Home Products

The leading HomeKit app has evolved to now work with Alexa. Allow Siri or Alexa to control your home, just by using your voice.

Experience Comfort

Link Products
To Set The Scene

Personalize your home and set the mood for any occasion by using scenes that control multiple HomeKit products.

iDevices Connected App, comfort, personalize
Schedule Your
Home To You

Leave for work each morning knowing that your home will automatically follow the schedule you've set and it will be ready for your return in the evening.

iDevices Connected App, comfort, scheduling
Use Your Voice
With Siri and Alexa Commands

A simple, "Play Good Morning Scene" turns on your lights and warms up your home, letting you start your day off right.

iDevices Connected App, comfort, voice commands, siri, alexa
"I think this application is great. It has a nice layout and I can quickly get to zones, rooms and devices I want."
PCR23 | App store review

Enjoy Convenience

Control All Your
HomeKit Products

Use the iDevices Connected app to control all of your HomeKit products; removing the need for multiple apps.

iDevices Connected App, convenience, products, homekit, alexa
Simple and
Intuitive Control

Connecting products is simple and the customizable app makes controlling your home quick and easy.

iDevices Connected App, convenience, simple setup, customizable app
Share Control
of Your Home

Securely invite family members to join your home. They'll have access to control, monitor and schedule your home's products just like you.

iDevices Connected App, convenience, share your home, schedule home, smart
"I highly recommend trying this app if you have a mix of HomeKit devices and want a nice UI to interact with them."
Don Frehulfer |  App store review

Feel Secure

Prepare Your Home
For Arrival

Ensure you're always returning to a cozy home by switching on the lights and turning up the heat before you pull-in.

iDevices, smart home, schedule
Relax Knowing
Everyone Is Safe

Use a custom "Goodnight Scene" to create a comforting mood for bedtime. Now you can relax after a long day.

iDevices, scenes, connected
Monitor Your Home,
Wherever You Are

Dad has peace of mind knowing his family is safe at home while he is at work. He can monitor his home to ensure everything is secure.

iDevices, monitor, secure
"Just when I thought the app couldn't be better, they prove me wrong with a new update."
Poindeml |  App store review
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