Whether you're an award winning pit-master or a novice backyard griller, iGrill will make grilling easier, more convenient and a whole lot smarter.

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Get Your Grill On

Knowing exactly when to take your meat off the grill has never been easier. Just insert the iGrill probe into the meat you'd like to track, let the free app know what you're tracking and leave your iGrill by the side of the grill (or smoker).

Monitor Your Progress

Now you can get back to your guests, go inside and watch the game or work on other dishes. Keep a close watch on the temperature progression of your meat right from your smart device and receive an alert once your food is ready to enjoy.

Savor Perfection

Your friends and family will be left wondering how you fired up such a delicious meal without getting stuck by the grill. You'll never want to cook any other way and with the iGrill, you won't have to.


Welcome to Connected Grilling

The iDevices® Connected app is your central dashboard for all your iDevices connected products and even comes loaded with some handy digital grilling tools.

Download the iDevices Connected app
Download iDevices Connected app Download iDevices Connected app

Whatever You're Grilling

Choose from one of the many preset alarms ranging from medium rare steak to lamb. Create and save custom alarms for those dishes that only you know the right temperature for. Need to make sure your ambient temperature stays within a certain range? Use the range setting and customize your min / max temperature alarms.

Obsess All You Want

It's up to you how deep you dive into your temperature tracking. Stay high‑level when tracking multiple probes and view them on your dashboard. Get an in‑depth view of a single probe to see its exact temperature progression using the graph.

Connect Multiple iGrills

The iDevices Connected app allows you to monitor multiple iGrills simultaneously. Track different meats on your grill or smoker with multiple iGrillmini units or hook one up with your grill and another with your smoker. Create your own iGrill arsenal!

Get Social with iGrill

We all love making people jealous of the meat we grill up. Take a picture of your iGrill masterpiece on the grill or smoker and share to Facebook and Twitter with your iDevices Connected app. Your picture will be shown to the iGrill community on the iGrill Globe!



The only ultra compact grilling thermometer using Bluetooth® Smart technology.

  • - Compact Size
  • - Single Probe
  • - Temperature LED Indicator
  • - iOS and Android Compatible
  • Learn moreBuy Now $39.99

Redesigned from the ground up to create the ultimate grilling thermometer powered by Bluetooth Smart technology

  • - Four Probe Capacity
  • - Illuminated Display
  • - Touch Interface
  • - iOS and Android Compatible
  • Learn more Buy Now $99.99


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