iDevices Instinct

Smart light switch with Alexa Built-in

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Product Information

Harness the power of Amazon Alexa throughout your home without adding clutter to your countertop. Instinct is your personal assistant for anything — get news updates, shop, enjoy hands-free control of your smart home, and so much more. Packed with technology that's hidden by design, Instinct fits into every room and features high-performance sound, dual-microphones, and an LED light ring that's invisible unless you say so.


The iDevices Instinct is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 11+ & Android™ 5.1+ devices with Bluetooth® technology.

Product features

  • Wi-Fi® enabled
  • Intergrated voice control
  • Remote access
  • LED light ring
  • Standard installation
  • Supports single-pole setups
  • Two-year warranty

Launch date

August 2019

Retail price


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