iDevices Outdoor Switch

Wi-Fi® Enabled Rain-Tight Smart Plug

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Product Information

The iDevices® Outdoor Switch allows you to control and monitor your home's outdoor electronics from your mobile device; no hub needed. With Siri®, Alexa and the Google Assistant, you can control patio lights, holiday decorations and more with the power of your voice. Create custom 'scenes' and schedules through the iDevices® Connected app, and upload photos for extended personalization. Experience enhanced security, convenience and comfort with the iDevices® Outdoor Switch.


The iDevices Outdoor Switch is compatible with iOS devices (iPhone 4S+, iPod touch 5+, iPad mini, iPad 2+) & running iOS 10+ Android™ 4.3+ devices with Bluetooth® technology

Product features

  • Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® Enabled
  • Rain-Tight, Rugged Design
  • Simple Setup
  • Dual Outlets
  • Manual Power Button

Launch date

November 2015

Retail price


Available At

Outdoor Switch video

With the ability to control and customize your home's electronics, you can create the perfect outdoor ambiance any time of year with the iDevices® Outdoor Switch. Turn on the poolside radio from inside the house or schedule your holiday lights to turn on while you're away. See how the iDevices® Outdoor Switch can enhance your home and life...

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iDevices Connected App Features

Connecting your home shouldn't be intimidating. The iDevices® Connected app takes out the stress and makes it as simple as possible to control your home from anywhere. It's everything you love about your home, in one app.

  • Works With All HomeKit™ Products
  • Allows For Creation Of Schedules and Scenes
  • Customizable To Your Home and Routine
  • Access From Anywhere