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Dollars and Sensors

Vladan Djakovic
Vladan Djakovic

Successfully (and gainfully) deploying thousands and millions of connected devices requires an adequate connectivity cost structure.

These devices - things - are not handsets, tablets or laptops, where relatively high infrastructure costs can be recovered through advertising or subscriptions. Applying the same technologies to connected things results in today's connectivity costs being $1–$4 or more per device per year­ or typically $5–$20 over the lifetime of the device, making many low-cost devices utterly unprofitable.

At iDevices, we have designed our IoT/IP infrastructure from ground up to solve this problem by carefully choosing appropriate technologies for the problem at hand. From using lightweight UDP protocols secured by established cipher suites, low-footprint SDK with zero onboarding, to placing our bare metal infrastructure at premium colocations, connected with multiple Tier-1 transit providers, we were able to achieve unmatched speed, low latency, and costs typically around $1 for device lifetime.

See the attached booklet for details, and contact us to discuss your connectivity needs.