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Ensure your appliances and accessories are off — from anywhere

iDevices News, Ensure your appliances and accessories are off — from anywhere
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We’ve all left lights or appliances on during the mad rush to leave home on time in the morning. This probably feels more like a simple matter of forgetfulness, but it’s actually a serious safety hazard.

A National Fire Protection Association report issued in December 2018 notes there were over 350,000 house fires between 2012-2016 leading to 2,560 deaths, more than 11,000 injuries, and about $6.5 billion in structural damage. A majority of those fires were caused by lighting and electrical distribution – exactly why it’s so important to turn off anything that can potentially get hot. That’s often easier said than done, but luckily, smart home products like the Wi-Fi enabled iDevices Wall Outlet are here to help.

Turning off your home on the go

Like your average outlet, the iDevices Wall Outlet has two independently controlled receptacles. It even looks the same. Unlike your average outlet, you can monitor and control each receptacle with your smart phone (or voice) from anywhere using the iDevices Connected app. This goes for iOS and Android devices. Anything plugged into the iDevices Wall Outlet is connected, meaning you always have visibility into whether it’s powered on or off, and even how much power the accessory is drawing.

The next time you’re sitting at your desk at work and get that funny feeling you left the coffee maker, toaster, space heater, or curling iron plugged in and on, don’t second guess. Just grab your phone, open the iDevices Connected app and quickly check. And if you did leave said accessory on, just turn it off with the tap of a button. Problem solved. You're saving energy, and potentially your home. That's no overstatement — leaving products like curling irons on can spark fires in your home. 

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