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How your smart home can make you more energy conscious

iDevices News, How your smart home can make you more energy conscious
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There are so many changes we could incorporate into our daily lives that would help make us more environmentally friendly — we could ditch our vehicles and bike to and from work, compost everything we use to reduce waste, switch to vegetarian or vegan diets, or invest in reusable items that we usually throw away, like diapers or hand towels.

These are all wonderful ideas that could make an impact on our planet, but they aren't exactly easy or convenient to incorporate into our daily lives. For some, biking to work is simply not an option, and for others, switching to a different diet is easier said than done. There's also aspects like complacency and the "individual can't make a difference" mentality. Going "green" isn't an easy feat. So how can we be more energy conscious and make a real difference, without having to change our habits and lives? If convenience is the main contributing factor, smart home technology should be the first solution on your list.

As smart home technology evolves and improves, it's becoming an effective way to conserve energy and become more knowledgable about your home's energy consumption. With easy-to-install smart thermostats, switches, outlets and more, you can keep an eye on how much power your devices and everyday household items are using, and use this insight to make better, more "green" decisions.

Here's a surprising fact - did you know that 34% of a typical energy bill goes toward lights and appliances, and a full 25% of the utility bill is actually spent on just lights? That means lights that you leave on, including outdoor walkway and front porch lights, eat up a quarter of your utility bill and energy use. 

With smart home solutions in place, like the iDevices Wall Switch, Dimmer Switch or Socket, you can be sure to turn these lights off when they're not needed, no matter where you are.

Monitor energy consumption with the iDevices Switch, Outdoor Switch or Wall Outlet to determine which lamps or accessories are using the most energy and opt to use these electronics less frequently. Schedule lighting so that it's only on when you truly need it — you won't have to worry about leaving the lights on by accident. 

One of the more popular smart home products that has taken the energy efficiency community by storm is the smart thermostat. The iDevices Thermostat, for example, allows you to schedule and set temperatures according to your lifestyle. In fact, 66% of those who said they had installed a smart thermostat in their current home saw a reduction in energy use due to their smart thermostat.

These numbers show the real difference smart home technology can make when it comes being more energy conscious and efficient.