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iDevices + IFTTT = Smart Home Simplicity

iDevices News, iDevices + IFTTT = Smart Home Simplicity
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Looking to do even more with your smart home? Connecting your iDevices products with IFTTT will vastly expand your smart home ecosystem and automation, making everyday life that much easier. 

IFTTT is a free app connecting hundreds of different apps, web services, and products that normally don’t work together. Click here to visit the iDevices page on IFTTT. 

What's IFTTT?

IFTTT stands for “if this, then that" — the logic used by the company to connect everyday things.  Below are brief details on how IFTTT works; click here to start exploring the app. 

Each company, product or app that’s partnered with IFTTT is called a “service.”

- Services feature “Applets,” which users can turn on to get more from their favorite services.

- Applets follow “if this, then that” logic; if a specified trigger occurs, then a specified action is taken.

- Every service has a page on IFTTT where you can see, turn on and create Applets.

- Each service can have triggers, actions or both. A trigger can set off an Applet, while an action is something that occurs because an Applet has run.

- IFTTT allows you to create your own Applets using your favorite services. Click here to see the 600+ services available on IFTTT.

We've got Applets

To get you started, we’ve already created several Applets. Below is a sampling of our favorite. We’ll be releasing new Applets often, so make sure you follow us on social and get on our email list to receive regular updates. Currently, our smart switches, outlets, thermostat and the customizable LED night lights built into several products work with IFTTT. 

Turn off when I leave

Are you forgetful in the morning, especially pre-coffee? This Applet is for you. Set your iDevices smart switches and outlets to turn off when you leave a specified area, like your home. The official term for this is geo-fencing, but let’s just call it convenient.

Turn on at sunset

What’s better than watching a beautiful sunset? When your lights automatically turn on as soon as the sun dips below the horizon. This is a perfect Applet for holiday lights and outdoor accessories connected to the iDevices Outdoor Switch.

Turn on night light when a product turns off

Let the glow of iDevices LED night lights guide you in the dark. As soon as you turn off lighting connected to an iDevices product, the night light of your choice turns on. You can also create custom Applets that change the color of the night light of your choice. 

Adjust brightness at a specified time

Ease into the night by having your Dimmer Switch adjust to a lower level at the same time every day.

Turn on when thermostat's temperature rises above

Stay cool and efficient by turning on another connected accessory, such as a fan plugged into an iDevices Wall Outlet, when your Thermostat's ambient temperature rises above a certain level. 

Set my temperature when I leave

Have your Thermostat automatically adjust as soon as you leave work so it's just right when you get home. Looking to keep your home efficient this summer? Have your Thermostat adjust to a more efficient setting as soon as you leave home too. 

Start creating 

The best part about IFTTT is the ability to create custom Applets. You can use IFTTT to connect your iDevices products to a variety of popular apps, as well as other smart home products like cameras, environmental sensors, blinds, and door locks. IFTTT is a whole new world of smart home simplicity. Try it out and share your Applet ideas with us on Facebook or Twitter, or by emailing


A few helpful links to get you started on IFTTT:

Click here to visit the iDevices page on IFTTT. 

Click here to learn how to connect your iDevices products to IFTTT. (Make sure you update the iDevices Connected app) 

Click here to learn how to use iDevices products with IFTTT.