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iDevices Introduces Custom Module and Software Stack for Broadcom Bluetooth Smart Chips


iDevices, LLC, a global leader in app-enablement solutions, announces the Q3’ 2013 release of a custom module and software stack for Broadcom® Bluetooth® Smart devices. This is exciting news for customers looking to add full Bluetooth Smart functionality to their product.

The iDevices custom module and software stack is based on a Broadcom BCM20732 baseband processor with a 48 Pin LGA footprint, integrated PIFA antenna, 24MHz crystal and 512K EEPROM. The custom module can connect with any Bluetooth Smart or Smart-ready devices.

iDevices’ engineers have created a simple interface, currently over UART, but easily extended to I2C or SPI, for external host processors to access all peripheral and central functionality. The custom firmware allows customers to quickly provision and change GATT (Generic Attribute Profiles) services dynamically at runtime (including several standard profiles), without needing to reprogram the device.

In addition to all standard Bluetooth Smart functions, the iDevices firmware provides several value-added features such as bulk data transfers over GATT, which allows for large data log uploads, or even over-the-air firmware upgrades from smartphone devices. iDevices’ custom security features like authentication, can be used to restrict which apps are able to connect and interact with the given BLE accessory.

iDevices is providing a client library in full source code in order to hide most of the UART interface specifics, leaving clients with simple APIs that allow them to easily access all of this functionality. An OS abstraction layer is provided to ease integration into any host processor and OS.

This module has been engineered and optimized for low power applications while maintaining the industries smallest form factor. The iDevices custom module can be powered directly from a standard 3V coin cell battery and in the lowest power mode will only consume 1.5uA, making it an ideal choice for battery-powered applications.

For more information and to contact iDevices directly about the new iDevices custom module, visit

The iDevices custom module for Broadcom Bluetooth Smart devices is available exclusively through Arrow Electronics. Please contact your local Arrow representative to place an order.

About iDevices, LLC

iDevices® began its journey with the conception and development of the iGrill®, one of the first appenabled devices. Following this successful launch, iDevices® emerged as a premier development and consulting company for the app-enabled market. iDevices® has integrated all required resources inhouse to create and launch app-enabled products, both independently and with partner companies.