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iDevices transforms busy family's house into a smart home

iDevices News, iDevices transforms busy family's house into a smart home
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As a wife, mother and pediatrician who works in an emergency room setting with hectic hours, Katie's got plenty on her plate. Given her unpredictable work schedule, she scoured the internet for a smart home solution that could provide a sense of security when she got home late at night. 

She found just that with iDevices. She installed iDevices smart switches and outlets in her home that can be set to automatically turn on her entryway lights as soon as she pulls into the driveway. 

"The process was super easy," Katie said. "I went online, I picked out what worked for me and my family - an electrician came out. The install was quick, it was easy, and now I've had so much fun customizing it to my needs and my families needs."

Though Katie was attracted to iDevices for security, she found the products "could help me in so many different areas as a mother."

Watch the entire segment to see how Katie and family are using iDevices smart home products to automate and simplify their daily routines: