iDevices Releases iBeacon Support For Broadcom WICED Smart Chips and Its Own Fully Developed iDevices Beacons

Lianne Kersey, Marketing Manager
Lianne Kersey, Marketing Manager


Avon, CT, May 21, 2014 – iDevices, LLC,, the premier app-enablement company and creator of the iGrill®, announced today that its custom software stack for Broadcom WICED Smart chips now support iBeacon technology. In addition, the company has launched a line of iDevices Beacons, fully developed wireless beacon devices with integrated Broadcom WICED Smart (Bluetooth Smart enabled) chips and iDevices firmware.

iBeacon Support For Developers.

In August 2013, iDevices announced the release of its custom module and software stack for Broadcom Bluetooth Smart chips. The company is now offering the support of iBeacon functionality to engineers using the Broadcom WICED Smart BCM20732 or BCM20736 system-on-chip (SoC). iBeacon is a technology Apple introduced with iOS 7 that uses Bluetooth Low Energy and geofencing to provide apps with a whole new level of micro-location awareness, such as trail markers in a park, exhibits in a museum, or product displays in stores

iDevices’ CTO and VP of Engineering, Shawn Monteith says, “The enormous rush of interest paired with our clear competitive advantage, has encouraged iDevices to emerge itself in the vast opportunity that iBeacon technology presents to not only retail but so many other applications.”

Through the addition of iBeacon support for Broadcom Bluetooth Smart SoCs, developers now have easy access to micro-locating functionality. The iDevices module development kit is available for purchase here.

iDevices Beacons Will Transform Customer Interactions

iDevices Beacons, now for pre-sale on the iDevices website, can be strategically placed anywhere in a physical space to broadcast radio signals to smart devices with proximity of up to 150 feet. Consumers with an associated app installed on their phone will receive personalized micro-location based notifications when they walk within proximity of the beacons.

The most frequent use cases to date occur in retail locations and are used for in-store analytics, proximity marketing and contactless payments. For example, upon entering a store, a customer receives a welcome message. While browsing through clothing racks, the retailer sends highly targeted product information, sizing availability, reviews, offers, etc. Finally, when the customer is ready to make a purchase, the retailer turns the shoppers’ smart device into a POS system.

The applications of beacons are endless and are only just being uncovered throughout the industry. Clothing stores, public transport, banks, grocery stores, hospitals, sports stadiums and museums, the list goes on.

One particular application in which iDevices will be using the technology is at the Consumer Electronic Show in January 2015. Lianne Kersey, iDevices’ Marketing Manager, says, “We will be using iBeacon Technology to it’s fullest at CES 2015 by placing our own beacons throughout our 40’x45’ booth and firing notifications off for product information, giveaways and exclusive content.”

The iDevices Beacon, now available for pre-sale, is a small USB plug complete with a battery pack requiring 2 AAA batteries (for an average battery life of 3-4 months). The USB can also be plugged into a standard Apple wall adapter for conti

nued battery life.

Initial features of the iDevices Beacon include:

      • Multiple Power Options

       • Compact Size

       • 150 Foot Bluetooth Smart Range

       • Simple App Integration

       • Authentication

       • Security Options

The iDevices Beacon is set to ship in Q3 of 2014. Pre-order your iDevices Beacons today for $49.99 (complete with a battery pack) at

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