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Instinct™ by iDevices: The light switch has never sounded better

iDevices News, Instinct™ by iDevices: The light switch has never sounded better
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Instinct is unlike any light switch in terms of pure sound quality and audio design. The fact that we’re even talking about sound quality in a light switch is game changing. With a simple voice command, you can listen to music and audiobooks at will. If you have an Amazon Prime account, you already have access to Amazon Music. If you don't have a subscription to Amazon Prime or Amazon Music, you can still stream stations for free through Instinct. 

So what makes Instinct’s sound so powerful? It all comes down to a highly efficient miniature speaker.

SOEN® Premium Sound

Packed inside this standard-sized smart light switch is a miniaturized high-performance speaker designed by SOEN Audio, a company founded by industry leading audio engineers and designers who don’t mess around. They were tired of poor sound quality in smaller form factors, so they set out to innovate. That they did.

SOEN Audio is now the leading innovator of miniaturized audio solutions. The speaker within Instinct utilizes the following ground-breaking technology from SOEN to create rich and vibrant sounds in any space:

FluxForce Motor™

The cutting-edge design of the motor within Instinct’s speaker maximizes the magnetic circuit, harnessing the magnet’s flux for maximum power with a symmetrical push-and-pull force leading to best-in-class fidelity.

Momentum Port™

SOEN Audio utilizes a patented Momentum Port deign. Based on advanced fluid dynamic equations, this design balances the air pressure inside the acoustic chamber to provide the deepest and cleanest bass possible.

Smart Suspension™

The Smart Suspension design gives Instinct’s micro-speaker massive dome excursions that help generate big sound usually made by speakers several times larger. SOEN micro-speakers are up to 70 percent more space efficient than most speakers.

Purposeful Design

Instinct was designed in-house by iDevices’ dedicated team of UX designers and engineers at our corporate HQ in Avon, CT. The team iterated on several designs to maximize sound quality. The intentional curve of the paddle switch isn't just for looks — it also helps amplify sound. Small openings on each side of the paddle ensure sound can escape and reach your ears without coming off muffled or fuzzy. The speaker inside Instinct is also oriented to amplify sound and bass by taking advantage of the space within your walls, giving you a fuller, rich sound.

Learn more about playing audio with Instinct here. 

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