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No risk, all reward: Why there's no downside to the right smart home offering

iDevices News, No risk, all reward: Why there's no downside to the right smart home offering
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In a recent post, we offered tips on how homebuilders should approach the smart home evolution. We discussed starting with the right product mix, and embracing a voice assistant device like Instinct™ as a standard offering.

Now it’s time to explore the benefits of building the right smart products into your homes. Our smart home product line will set you up for success without costing you unnecessary time, money, or your hard-earned reputation. Read on to learn how iDevices makes entering the smart home realm simple and painless for homebuilders:

1. Products on-demand

With iDevices, you’re not committing to a whole-home system. Pick and choose the products that fit your needs, and those of your homeowners. Maybe you’d like to assess a product in select communities or divisions first (exterior lighting locations are a great start for our smart light switches); that’s OK!

You don’t have to stock up all at once, either. Purchase products as you build, from the same suppliers you’ve already come to know and trust.

If you want to throw another type of smart home product in the mix — like a smart lock — you’re not limited in choice because you use iDevices products. Our single SKU solutions work with the top smart home platforms (Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google Home/Nest) and IFTTT, a free online service that allows users to connect hundreds of web services, apps, and brands together for a seamless experience. Most reputable smart home brands work with at least one of these platforms, meaning they also work with iDevices.

2. No user contracts or fees

Some smart home brands and platforms require their users to enter lengthy contracts and pay monthly fees. Why would someone want to pay a monthly fee to use features in a house they just bought?

You can cover the fee for 36 months, but what happens in month 37? With iDevices, you’ll never ponder these questions, because there are no ongoing costs or contracts for homeowners.

 “When you’re three years down the road, your customers don’t want to spend $50 a month to use the smart products in their home,” said Brian Hoddy, director of sales at iDevices. “And if they don’t pay the fee, it’s just stalled in their wall. They can’t control their HVAC system or light switch like they’re used to.”

This loss of control creates negative sentiment, which can cost you the reputation you’ve worked hard to build and maintain.

Contracts and fees are not popular with consumers, as you’re probably aware. In fact, a recent study showed twice as many consumers intend to purchase a stand-alone smart home security product rather than a professionally monitored, contract-based security system.

3. Hub-free

Another easy way to upset your customers and impact your reputation is by using a hub-based smart home system. iDevices products are Wi-Fi-based and don’t require a hub; a Wi-Fi network is the only thing homeowners need to set up and control their smart home products.

Hubs are just one more piece of hardware homeowners need to worry about. Except this piece of clutter can lead to security loopholes, and become obsolete (forcing homeowners to upgrade to a new hub). This isn’t the experience homeowners are looking for.

4. Packages made simple

We’ve previously discussed the benefits of creating smart home packages; a standard package with basic smart amenities, and upgrade packages that your design consultants can sell homebuyers.

Creating these packages may sound like one more thing to worry about, but don’t sweat it. The iDevices sales time will work with you to create custom product packages that fit your needs.

Our marketing and design team will even customize packages with your branding. In fact, they’ll create a variety of custom marketing and sales materials just for you. 

5. Bonus: Concierge customer support

We understand reputation is everything and your time is valuable, so both you and your homeowners will receive concierge support from our U.S.-based customer experience team.

The last thing you need to worry about is helping a homeowner set up a product after you’ve already cleared the job site. We’ll handle any and all callbacks. Just because you offer our products in your homes, doesn’t mean you need to become a certified expert — your customers are our priority.

Interested in learning more about offering smart home solutions to homebuyers? Connect with our sales team: