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Smart By Design: Pull out tab to easily pair iDevices products to HomeKit™

iDevices News, Smart By Design: Pull out tab to easily pair iDevices products to HomeKit™
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There’s nothing worse than installing a semi-permanent product in your wall before realizing there’s vital information on the back. If that information is necessary to make said product work, there’s really no recourse but to pull the product out of the wall and start over. No thanks! 

The design team at iDevices went above and beyond to make sure you never feel this pain with our HomeKit-compatible products. 

iDevices products work with HomeKit, Apple's popular smart home platform. You can learn more about HomeKit here. To add compatible products to the HomeKit environment, you need each product’s assigned eight-digit HomeKit code. This can be done in the iDevices Connected app (a HomeKit aggregator app) or in the Home app preloaded on most iOS devices. 

The problem:

It’s easy enough to scan or type in the code during the in-app setup process. But if the code is only located on the manual you already threw away, or on the back of the smart switch you just installed, you’re in trouble.

Our unique solution:

To prevent this massive headache, the iDevices Wall Switch, Dimmer Switch, and Wall Outlet come equipped with a patent pending pull out tab, which makes connecting to HomeKit extremely simple.

The tab includes the eight-digit HomeKit code, so you can access it at any moment if you ever decide to relocate a product, or remove and add a product back to HomeKit. In addition to being convenient, the tab is very discreet. It's located at the top of Wall Switch and Dimmer Switch, and on the right side of Wall Outlet. The iDevices Thermostat doesn't need a tab, because you can access the HomeKit code at your convenience via the digital display. 

Our pull out tab is just another example of the time and effort we've put into designing products that make your life easier, not more complicated.  

As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to our U.S.-based customer experience team: