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Switch to a smarter backyard with iDevices

iDevices News, Switch to a smarter backyard with iDevices
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What if we said you could control any outdoor plug-in accessory from a wireless wall switch inside your home? With Outdoor Switch and Instant Switch, two iDevices products that require ZERO wiring, your yard is exponentially smarter (and simpler). 

Outdoor Switch is a rain-tight, dual outlet smart plug designed to handle the elements. Just plug Outdoor Switch into an outlet outside your house and complete the brief setup process in the free iDevices Connected app. Outdoor Switch gives you access from anywhere with your smart phone, in addition to voice control with Alexa, Siri, and the Google Assistant. Sounds like the full package. You're probably asking yourself "what else do I need" given you have the power to control plug-in yard accessories like...well, like magic. But we know there's still an appetite for manual, switched control from inside the house. What if you don't have your phone? Or you're having guests over, including a family member who isn't very tech savvy? We want everyone to have control!

That's where Instant Switch comes into the picture. In a matter of seconds, Instant Switch pairs to Outdoor Switch via a simple process in the iDevices Connected app. Then, Instant Switch can be placed on the wall via a removable command strip. Any standard faceplate will fit, so Instant Switch blends right into existing décor and looks like a normal, wired switch. It also comes with a smaller, screwless snap-on faceplate for convenience. 

Once installed, Instant Switch becomes yet another method to control your yard. Hook up holiday decorations and have the option to control them from a switch in your home, with your phone, or your voice. Create a fun and relaxing atmosphere with string lights on the patio and have the freedom to switch them on and off from inside too. You can even set up landscape and security lights, so you can quickly flip them on via Instant Switch if you need to check the yard in the middle of the night — no need to fumble with your phone. Other great accessories to hook up with Outdoor Switch and Instant Switch include outdoor heaters, fans, fountains, sprinkler systems; pretty much anything you plug in, outside. 

What's more, we offer a discounted Instant Switch-Outdoor Switch bundle on our store because both products pair so well. You can find that and other Instant Switch bundles here.