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Wi-Fi recommendations that'll keep your smart home happy

iDevices News, Wi-Fi recommendations that'll keep your smart home happy
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As we've explained in previous posts, iDevices products connect to your home's Wi-Fi network without the need for a hub. Chances are you already have a home Wi-Fi network powering your connected needs. There's also a high likelihood your Wi-Fi network is neglected.

Today, with the sheer number of things that rely on connectivity, it's important to check in on your network and make sure your home is equipped with the right hardware to get the best performance possible. Is that hardware the router your cable company provided when you signed up for that special promo package two years ago? Maybe for some, but if you're like us and ultra-serious about all things smart home, there are better options worth the investment. 

Besides supporting customers, our in-house customer experience team is constantly testing networking equipment to see what routers and settings work best with iDevices products. Based on this testing and customer feedback, we suggest checking out eero and Google Wifi. Both systems create mesh networks that provide whole-home Wi-Fi coverage. This is by no means a paid endorsement, and is strictly a reflection of what we've seen work best with our products. 

If your interested in learning more about network compatibility, router settings, and routers that DON'T work with iDevices products (list is updated regularly), please click here or contact our customer experience team: 

If your current router is among those that don't work with iDevices products, don't worry, because things change quickly. Often, a router company will quickly push out a firmware update that solves the issue. Whenever we see a specific issue arise in a certain router, we reach out to the manufacturer to make them aware. Communication (wireless or otherwise) is key, so if you have any questions or concerns about your home's Wi-Fi network, our customer experience team is here to help.