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Best practices for naming accessories and rooms in the iDevices Connected app

iDevices News, Best practices for naming accessories and rooms in the iDevices Connected app
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When setting up iDevices products in the iDevices Connected or Home apps, you have the flexibility to name your accessories and rooms, and upload custom photos. These feature keeps your accessories and rooms organized just the way you like. 

It’s your smart home – you  have the flexibility to name things how you please. If you feel like naming your basement “The Dojo” because that’s where you practice martial arts, and you somehow land on “The Jungle” for your kitchen because things get a little wild when you cook, we won’t judge. Just make sure you’re using unique names that are specific to the room.

Why, you ask? If you set your accessories up with Siri, Alexa, or the Google Assistant (you definitely should, learn more here), you’ll control said accessories based on the names you give them. And if you don’t name your products clearly enough, the poor voice assistants get confused. We don’t want our virtual overlords getting confused. Just kidding, humans still rule, but if you want your voice assistants to work to the best of their abilities, here are some best practices:

Use unique and specific names

Unique names allow you to easily scan your home dashboard, helping you to quickly identify and control your products.

A few examples of unique product names are:

Desk Lamp

Pendant Light

Recessed Lights  

A few good examples of unique room names are:

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Upstairs Bedroom 

Avoid names that are too similar

Names that are too similar such as “Bedroom” and “Bedroom Light” may prevent platforms and voice assistants from quickly identifying and controlling products properly.

Avoid using letters or numbers

Avoid using letters and numbers in product or rooms names. Platforms and voice assistants can’t easily interpret these types of characters and may not be able to perform the command.

A few bad examples are:

Lamp 1

Lamp 2

Light A

Light B

Avoid special characters

When naming products, it’s best to avoid adding special characters such as hyphens and apostrophes. Some examples are “Kid’s Room,” and “Room-1.” Similar to capitals and numbers, platforms and voice assistants can’t easily interpret special characters.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our U.S.-based customer experience team: 

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