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iDevices Father's Day Sale: Dad-approved smart home gift inspiration

iDevices News, iDevices Father's Day Sale: Dad-approved smart home gift inspiration
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Finding the right gift for dad can be tough. Most dads just have everything already. We're not sure how, but over time, they seem to naturally accumulate all of those "dad things," and when it comes to Father's Day, you're left scratching your head for ideas that don't include a gift card to a home improvement store. 

This year, get dad something he'll use every day, without actually having to do anything.  He'll appreciate the thought, the initial install project (sometimes, a new project for dad is the true gift), and the many awesome smart home automations he can set up to make life a little more effortless. 

From fun lighting scenes for a rainy day with the kids (or grandkids), to improved security and the convenience of controlling the entire house with a single app or voice command, there’s plenty dad can do with an iDevices smart home:

Give dad a break

There's almost no better gift for dad, then making it so that he never has to hop out of bed and shut off the lights you (or the kids) forgot to. We say that half-jokingly, but often, the best gifts in life are those that make life less of a hassle. That's not being lazy, either. Those lights are left on like every night, so give dad a break. 

With dad's lights connected to one of our Wi-Fi-enabled smart light switches, Socket, or Wall Outlet, he can just use his phone to turn off those dang lights with the iDevices Connected app. While the app allows dad to control the lights from anywhere — on the golf course or a boat in the middle of a lake in the wilderness — just down the hall works, too. If dad's voice-savvy, he can use Siri, Amazon Alexa, or the Google Assistant. 

In the Connected app, dad can also create lighting scenes, which let him control multiple lights with a single command. So before bed, he can easily turn everything off with the push of a button or voice command. 

Make time for fun 

It's a rainy afternoon, and dad's stuck inside babysitting the grandkids. This could go bad. If only he had some way to keep the kids occupied. But no worries, he has a smart home trick up his sleeve (thanks to the Alexa-powered Instinct).

"Alexa, it's magic time." 

The lights in the den suddenly turn off, and only a blue glow from Socket's adjustable LED light bar escapes from the table lamp. The makeshift sheet-tent goes up swiftly thanks to the handy-work of the grandkids and well-positioned couches. Dad and grandkids huddle beneath the tent with only a flashlight, looking out upon the dark, moonstruck vista of their imaginations. 

"Alexa, open the magic door." 

And just like that, they're whisked away into a world of of adventure, as they explore a magical land to search for clues, solve riddles, and help magical creatures. Not bad for a rainy day. 

With Instinct, dad can tap into any type of interactive game for free through Alexa; role-playing, choose-your-own adventure, educational, strategy, tabletop, puzzles, quizzes, humor, mystery, and more. Click here to learn more about entertaining with Instinct, including some great game suggestions. 

Help him work smarter

Dad might be working from home, which can be quite the adjustment if he's used to the office lifestyle. With iDevices, you can help him work smarter, not harder, from the home office. 

From lighting scenes that help him stay focused all day, to white noise or music to help keep him productive, we've got a solution for dad. He can even set reminders through Instinct to ensure he drinks enough water, prepares for his big presentation, takes regular breaks, and finishes the day on time. 

Click here to learn more about iDevices solutions for dad's home office. 

With one less worry

Dad's tend to worry — it's just what they do. With smart lighting, you can give dad the gift of one less thing to worry about. Another intangible gift he'll never forget. 

Our smart lighting products aren’t just about convenience; they offer dad peace of mind without weighing on his mind. Dad can automate his exterior lights to turn on at sunset every day for a little extra security, and curb appeal. With iDevices, he can also set lights to automatically adjust as soon as he or anyone else arrives or leaves home. And he can set his lights on schedules so he always knows they'll go on and off without a hitch.  

Click here to learn more about creating peace of mind at home with iDevices smart lighting. Dad (and mom) will thank you when his lights turn on as soon as he pulls into the garage, ensuring he never has to step into a dark house. 

Savings dad could never pass up

Now through Father's Day, save up to 25% off on Whether it's for dad, or to treat yourself, you won't be disappointed  The following coupon codes apply through 6/21 on our website only:

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