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Fill mom's heart with smart home love

iDevices News, Fill mom's heart with smart home love
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It’s that special time of year we collectively celebrate all the wonderful mothers out there. Thank you for everything you do! While recognizing mom on Mother’s Day is a great tradition, we think the appreciation should spread throughout the year.  

Flowers and chocolates are wonderful, but fleeting gestures. With smart home technology, you're giving mom something she (and you) can use to make her life easier — and a little sweeter — 365 days a year.

One less thing to worry about

For the working mom, smart lighting options can add peace of mind. Lights can be set through the platform of choice — Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, or Google Home — to automatically turn off when she leaves home, and turn on when she leaves the office or pulls into the driveway. The iDevices Wall Switch is a great option for exterior lighting fixtures around entryways.

With the iDevices Thermostat, you're putting mom in charge of the temperature at home — that alone is a gift she'll appreciate. She can ensure the house is always comfortable (and efficient), even from the office. Mom can control this smart thermostat with her phone, set up schedules with our app, and create automations that can adjust the temperature based on whether she's home or not. 

In the back of her mind, mom is always wondering if the kids arrived home safely. Since our products integrate with IFTTT, mom can receive notifications when the kids (or adults) arrive or leave home. For example, an entryway light connected to our Wall Switch or Dimmer Switch can be programmed to automatically turn on when the kids arrive home. When that product turns on, a notification can be automatically sent to mom's phone thanks to an IFTTT applet we've created (it's free to use, and simple to set up)

Moms tend to have their hands full at home, all while balancing their career and other family needs. It can be even more challenging in today’s world while working from home, keeping an eye on the kids, and assisting with at-home learning. With the ability to control our products with the top voice assistants (Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant), mom can manage the house while managing just about everything else. Plug the coffee maker or crock pot into an iDevices Wall Outlet for easy scheduling; plus, mom can say “Siri, make me a pot of coffee” or “Hey Google, turn off the crock pot” without having to put down what she’s doing. And when it comes to her home office, our Alexa-powered Instinct smart light switch can help with her daily routine.

With Alexa built-in, mom can also use Instinct to set reminders, get on-demand news and weather updates, add to the shopping list, and set alarms so the whole family is ready to go every morning.

Part of the family

Smart home isn’t just about convenience. Products like Instinct can help make activities around the house more fun and rewarding for mom, and the entire family.

Baking time with the kids is a great example. Alexa within Instinct can interact with mom and the kids to help find new recipes, and work through those recipes step-by-step. It can also stream music, podcasts, and eBooks through popular services like Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Audible, and Kindle.

Through Instinct, there are tons of interactive games mom can play on her own or with the family. We highlighted some great game ideas in this recent blog post.

While sitting down to read with the kids, mom can adjust the lights with a voice command and tell Alexa within Instinct to play some soft, relaxing music in the background. Our products can also help with at-home learning – read more on that topic here.

A smart home can help entertain as well. Mom can create the perfect dinner party ambiance with a simple phrase like “Alexa, start the dinner party.” Just like that, lights dim or change color (the iDevices Socket features a fun adjustable LED color ring), and Instinct plays party music to get the evening started. While you might not be able to host guests at the moment, you can surprise the mom in your life with a special dinner. 

Time to relax

Many of the features we’ve discussed above can also be used to create the zen-like atmosphere every mom deserves to enjoy on a regular basis.

Create a scene for mom so all she has to say is “Siri, time to chill” and the lights in her favorite relaxation space dim down for a nap or meditation.

With Instinct, she can program a routine that adjusts the lights and turns on music to accompany a yoga session. She can even set a reminder with Instinct so she remembers to take time out of her busy day to treat herself: “Alexa, remind me to treat myself to a bath this evening.”

Speaking of baths, a great location for Instinct is in the bathroom where you might not have space for another standalone speaker. Mom can use Instinct to listen to music or an eBook while she soaks away the stress.

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