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iDevices opens the door to smarter homes with a national network of distributors

iDevices News, iDevices opens the door to smarter homes with a national network of distributors
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Adding smart home products to your technology offering shouldn’t complicate your supply chain. With iDevices, it won’t.

That’s because we understand your needs, and exceed them with an established network of national distributors in a variety of channels, including electrical wholesalers, custom integrator/security, MRO, and PI.  

“We’ve gone above and beyond to ensure you can source iDevices smart home products from companies you know and trust,” said iDevices Sales Director Brian Hoddy.  

When you hear about smart home technology, you might think “new trades” and the hurdles you’ll have to jump over to get started. With our robust distribution network, getting started means going through your normal purchase path.  

Whether you’re in the single- or multi-family residential space, you can determine the supply chain path that works for you (e.g. purchase turn-key from contractor, or product-only from distribution). We’ll price everything out quickly and position you with our sales and marketing resources to own the next generation of residential development.  

In the single-family space, we’ve heard your pain points with other brands, including backorder and price increase issues. With our single-SKU product design (Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant compatibility in one SKU), you’re only managing 6 iDevices SKUs at most. Limited SKUs allow us to keep you stocked up with no pricing fluctuations. You can read more about the benefit of our single-SKU solution in our recent blog post covering all things distribution.   

In the multi-family space, we know kitting is a big deal. iDevices SKUs can be kitted by all of our MRO distribution partners to meet your renovation project needs.  

Lastly, our strategically designed pricing structure builds in margin for everyone, at every stop in the supply chain. Some competitors limit your margin and take most of the profit for themselves, but that's not a healthy model for long-term success. We manage our Amazon pricing with third-party enforcement, ensuring vendors strictly adhere to iMAP so you're competitive with highly visible eCommerce prices while still purchasing through your preferred channel.  

Want to learn more? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team ( at your convenience.