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iDevices serving as 2018-19 title sponsor for the Be Thoughtful Movement

iDevices News, iDevices serving as 2018-19 title sponsor for the Be Thoughtful Movement
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We're proud to serve as the 2018-19 title sponsor of the Be Thoughtful Movement, which aims to support the creation of new jobs for people with disabilities and find ways to bring people with and without disabilities together in local communities and workplaces.

The movement was founded in 2018 by Susan and Steve Tarca. They were inspired by Susan's 22-year-old son Harold, who has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. As Harold got closer to aging out of school services in West Hartford, CT, Susan and Steve worried about what Harold would do with his free time.  

"This understandably brought considerable anxiety for all of us about what would happen after graduation," they said. 

Harold is passionate about travel, and eventually started The Thoughtful Travelers to assist others with accessible travel. His experience and journey transitioning into a vocation inspired Susan and Steve to help other families in similar situations, and the Be Thoughtful Movement was born.

We first met Harold, Susan and Steve in spring 2018 when a group from the marketing team visited their home to install several products that have since helped Harold gain independence. In fact, he was able to use his voice through an iDevices product to turn on the lights by himself for the very first time. After seeing the joy Harold took away from additional independence in his life, it was clear iDevices and the Be Thoughtful Movement were a natural fit. 

The emergence of voice-activated technology will foster independence and make everyday life and activities possible for those who are otherwise limited. iDevices President Chris Allen has said the company didn’t initially set out to create products that improve accessibility. He called the accessibility aspect “an unintended consequence that we’ve learned a lot about at iDevices.” Through customer feedback and by working closely with Harold, Allen said, iDevices has learned its products can empower those with physical disabilities to control their home.

The Be Thoughtful Movement has some big things in the work in the coming year. Keep up with the movement and learn more about its origins at