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Instinct™ by iDevices: Your voice has never been more powerful

iDevices News, Instinct™ by iDevices: Your voice has never been more powerful
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Instinct is carefully designed to respect and protect your privacy. If you don't want Alexa to listen at any given time, you can always press mute. But of course, Instinct is also meant be a good listener so you can interact with Alexa without hassle. Whether you're controlling your smart home or keeping things light with a joke, there’s no need to yell or ask twice. With two microphones, Instinct can pick up your Alexa commands from near and far, whether your voice is loud or soft.

Instinct’s dual-microphone design ensures you’re heard from across the room – because a voice assistant that can’t hear and respond to your commands rather immediately isn’t very helpful. Even when Instinct is blasting music, you can prompt Alexa without losing your voice. The microphones within Instinct are subtle by design — two little holes at the bottom of the paddle switch. At iDevices, we firmly believe in developing products that blend into your home. While we take pride in an attractive product, and believe Instinct is the best-looking light switch out there, it's the product's functionality that should truly shine. 

When you’re ready to interact with Instinct, you can use the same Alexa voice commands you’d try with an Echo device. Here are a few commands to get started with:

“Alexa, what happened today in history?”

“Alexa, tell me a joke.”

“Alexa, play new music from Amazon Music.”

“Alexa, remind me to call dad tomorrow at 4 p.m.”

Looking to discover features? Try one of these:

“Alexa, what can you do?”

“Alexa, what can I say?”

“Alexa, what new things have you learned?”

Use Alexa to play audio and Kindle books with these commands:

“Alexa, read [Book Name] from Audible”

“Alexa, read [Book Name] from Kindle.”

“Alexa, read my Audible Books.”

“Alexa, show my Audible Books.”

“Alexa, what’s free from Audible?”

“Alexa, read my Kindle book.”

Instinct includes the Announcements feature. Ask Alexa to make announcements on other compatible Alexa devices, including Instinct:

“Alexa, announce that dinner’s ready.”

“Alexa, announce that I’m heading home from the office.”

"Alexa, announce that I'll be ready in 5 minutes."

There’s plenty to chat with Alexa about. For a full list of games, jokes, facts, and so much more, visit Amazon’s “Things To Ask Alexa” page.