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Instinct™ by iDevices: Create a smart home experience like no other

iDevices News, Instinct™ by iDevices: Create a smart home experience like no other
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With Instinct™, your smart home superpowers go far beyond controlling a smart light switch with another separate Alexa device. Instinct is an Alexa device, giving you the power to issue voice commands to control iDevices’ entire line of smart lighting, power, and HVAC solutions — in addition to any other Alexa-enabled smart devices. When Instinct is installed throughout the home, your voice opens the door to effortless smart home control.

“Alexa Built-In” vs. “Works with Alexa”

You may be wondering about the difference between Instinct — a smart light switch with Alexa Built-In — and other iDevices smart switches that work with Alexa. There are plenty of smart devices out there that work with Alexa, including iDevices smart home product line. You may also see the term compatible with Alexa; the same as works with Alexa, just a different turn of phrase. But there aren’t too many smart home products out there that actually have Alexa inside.

Instinct is an Alexa device, developed in-house by iDevices (we’re owned by Hubbell Incorporated). We worked closely with Amazon to integrate Alexa into a light switch. That’s right — Alexa is right inside Instinct awaiting your questions and commands. What does that mean? Instinct has the same functionality as an Echo or Echo Dot. You can ask Alexa within Instinct to tell you a joke, give you the weather, order cat food, play music, and the list goes on.

Products that work with Alexa can be controlled with an Alexa device, like an Echo — and now Instinct. For example, a dimmable smart lighting fixture that works with Alexa can be dimmed or turned on/off with a command to Alexa within Instinct. Since Instinct is also a light switch, you have the power to control the light fixture Instinct is wired to with your voice, the Amazon Alexa app, or by using the physical switch.

Instinct and your home Routine(s)

Within the Amazon Alexa app, you have the freedom to control and manage Instinct remotely, alongside iDevices and other Alexa-enabled products. Bring all those products together with Alexa Routines to create some next-level home automation, with Instinct as your Alexa “hub” in rooms where you normally can’t put an Echo or Echo Dot — at least gracefully. Routines allow you to control multiple Alexa-enabled devices simultaneously.

Here’s a rundown on Routines:

Voice — Create a custom phrase that you’ll say to Alexa inside Instinct. That phrase then triggers an action. For example, an Instinct installed in your mudroom/foyer is perfect for an “Alexa, welcome me home” command. That command can prompt the Alexa-enabled smart devices of your choice to turn on. It can also prompt Instinct to give you your news briefing, play some relaxing music so you can forget about work, and even give you a personalized greeting.

Location — Set your Routines to play based on whether you leave or arrive at a custom location, like your house, work, or really anywhere you choose. So when you arrive home, the Alexa-enabled devices of your choice automatically activate or adjust. When you leave home, the same devices can be set to shut off. You can even set smart lighting devices to oscillate so it looks like someone is home.

Schedule — Set your Alexa-enabled devices to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise, or create a custom schedule by day. You can create a schedule for an individual product, or multiples. Schedule your lights to turn on/off, change brightness, or oscillate so it looks like your home when you're not. You can even schedule lights to change color if they have that capability. Instinct includes a customizable night light that can be scheduled separately as well.

Instinct is now available!

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Interested in learning more about Instinct's smart home capabilities? Feel free to reach out to our in-house customer experience team by emailing, or by visiting here.