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Let iDevices customizable LED night lights guide you in the dark

iDevices News, Let iDevices customizable LED night lights guide you in the dark
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Have you ever gotten home, opened the front door and struggled for what seems like an eternity to find that pesky light switch in a dark house? Do you bump into just about everything after getting out of bed to use the bathroom or check on the kids in the middle of night?

You’re definitely not alone. We’ve all been in a similar situation, with bruises to prove it — where did the cat come from! That’s why we developed a smart home product line with built-in, customizable night lights. Our Wi-Fi-enabled smart switches, outlets, and plugs include night lights you can set to just about any color variation, with the option to adjust saturation and brightness. You can also create quick colors to seamlessly switch between your favorites. 

Our night lights provide plenty of functionality without adding to your electric bill because they’re powered by low-energy LEDs.

  • Set your iDevices night lights to fit with your home’s décor
  • Create themed lighting accents during holidays
  • Let your night lights guide you to your switches and accessories in the dark
  • Use your night lights as a means of notification for added security

Each product’s night light can be controlled independently, like it’s a separate product altogether (if you're on iOS, you'll notice this immediately in the Home app). iDevices night lights can be programmed into your schedules and scenes, plus they connect with a multitude of products and services through IFTTT. You can even use Siri to independently control your night lights with just your voice (just make sure to give it a different name during setup so Siri doesn't get confused). 

We’ve made controlling your iDevices night lights straightforward and easy. Click each product below for detailed instructions:

iDevices Switch

iDevices Socket

iDevices Wall Switch

iDevices Dimmer Switch

iDevices Wall Outlet

Our night lights also serve as a status indicator (the iDevices Instant Switch and Outdoor Switch include LED status indicators, but don’t include night lights). Our support site includes LED status summary charts for each product, so if something starts flashing and you aren’t sure what’s going on, refer to the chart to get the low down and a quick resolution. For example, if the LED is flashing blue, your product is ready to pair to both Wi-Fi and the iDevices Connected app. As always, if you ever have any questions about iDevices night lights, or iDevices products in general, don’t hesitate to reach out to our U.S.-based customer experience team at