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Remote access means controlling your iDevices smart home, even if you're not home

iDevices News, Remote access means controlling your iDevices smart home, even if you're not home
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The ability to access and monitor the modern-day home from anywhere is too often taken for granted. Rewind 30, 20, or even just 15 years and the premise of controlling a home's lighting, accessories, and thermostat from absolutely anywhere with a mobile device would be met with skepticism.

Whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, you can securely access and control iDevices products on-the-go via the iDevices Connected app. There's no setup involved. Thanks to iDevices’ encrypted IoT infrastructure, you can take advantage of remote access immediately. On iOS, remote access even extends to voice control with Siri. Just set up your HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad as a home hub.

Unsure how you can benefit from remote access? Let’s dig into a few scenarios:

Manage your home(s) from anywhere

Maybe your job takes you on the road or you're taking a road trip vacation with the family. If a cold snap hits while you’re away, bump up the temperature a few degrees to keep the pipes from freezing. Left that one light on, or forgot to unplug the hair straightener in your rush to get ready? No problem, just use your smartphone. We've got your back. 

If you own or manage multiple homes, you can manage them independently in the Connected app and make adjustments at any time. For instance, you may decide to turn the exterior lights on remotely when a package is expected, or if a family member is stopping in to stay the night. 

Cover for the kids (from under the covers)

For all the parents out there, you know every second of rest is coveted (and so necessary). So when the kids leave the lights, TVs, or game consoles (plugged into your iDevices Wall Outlet for energy monitoring, as well!)  on at night and you’re already cozy under the covers, walking around the house flipping switches is the last thing you need. Thankfully, you’re trusty smartphone is on your bedside table. Just shut the lights and TV off from bed and get some sleep!

Home is where the smart is

Instead of arriving home to an uncomfortable and dark house after work or running errands, use the Connected app. You can adjust your iDevices Thermostat to the perfect temperature so it's already comfortable when you get home, and set your iDevices Dimmer Switch to the level of your choice for just the right amount of light. Maybe you're stuck at the office and no the kids will be arriving home from practice in the dark - turn on the lights for them so you have peace of mind.