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Location Triggers: Set your iDevices smart home to react based on your real-time location

iDevices News, Location Triggers: Set your iDevices smart home to react based on your real-time location
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There's rarely a time we run our homes on a single setting. How we want our homes to act, or react, often depends on where we are, and at what time. You're probably not leaving every light on when you go away for a long weekend, maybe just one or two so it looks like someone is home. In an iDevices smart home, you can program your connected products to react based on your location. Automatically adjust your home's lighting, temperature and so much more simply by arriving at a specific location, or leaving one.

With Location Triggers, one of several home automation tools available through iDevices and Apple's HomeKit platform, your home is hands off. iDevices products are HomeKit compatible, meaning you can take advantage of Triggers via the iDevices Connected app on your iOS device, as well as Apple’s preloaded Home app.

Triggers 101

There are four triggers available via the Connected or Home apps – Home, Location, Product, and Sensor. Triggers activate Scenes, another HomeKit feature giving you the ability to control several smart products with a single command. Scenes can be activated manually through the Connected app, with voice commands, schedules, and via triggers — far and away the most automated method to control your smart home. An Apple Home Hub — Apple TV 4K, Apple TV 4th Generation, HomePod, or iPad running iOS 10 or later — is required to create and activate Triggers remotely. Otherwise, you must be connected to your home Wi-Fi network for a Trigger to activate.

How Location Triggers work

You're heading to work on a very busy morning — you know, normal adult stuff like dropping the kids off at daycare, gassing up the car, grab-and-go breakfast before meetings on top of meetings at the office. When at work, you prefer your home's temperature at a more efficient setting, and all the lights off except the den where your cat spends her most of her day sleeping. Jealous. 

But on this busy morning, you left several lights on, didn't adjust the thermostat, and left the coffee maker on. Luckily, you have a Location Trigger set, so when you arrive to work, your "At Work" Scene plays and everything adjusts to your preferences — even the coffee maker turns off. Magic in action.

Why not just have the trigger fire when you leave home, you ask? That's absolutely one way of achieving the same result. But sometimes when you leave home, you're not heading to work. Not often enough. What if you're going to your son's favorite park and don't really need to adjust the thermostat and want to have your kitchen and mudroom lights on as well. A separate Location Trigger can be set for your visits to the park, so whenever you arrive and get your jungle gym workout on, a Scene plays in your home ensuring things are just the way you like them. 

Don't want a trigger to fire on a certain occasion, like if you need to run into work on Saturday because you forgot your computer? Just adjust the active time of your trigger during setup so it only fires during the work week between the hours you're normally in the office.  

Quick Tip: You don't need to create specific Scenes for any of your Triggers. If you're happy with the Scenes you already have set up in your smart home, you can just select one of those during setup. But if you have something specific in mind based on location, then you may want to create additional Scenes. 

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our U.S.-based customer experience team: 

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