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Smart by Design: Instinct's cutting-edge LED light ring leads the way

iDevices News, Smart by Design: Instinct's cutting-edge LED light ring leads the way
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Is it just us, or do most smart home devices go out of their way to stick out? Why can’t our smart home devices look…normal? Instinct™ is on the cutting-edge of the smart home for so many reasons — Alexa being inside this Wi-Fi enabled smart switch is the standout, of course. One major feature that sets Instinct apart from any other smart home device on the market is its ability to not standout. We’re talking design, all done in-house by our team in Avon, Connecticut.

Instinct’s state-of-the-art technology is on the inside, so all you see is a light switch on the outside. Did you notice there aren't any visible speakers jutting out of Instinct in the photo above? That's because Instinct doesn't need a big grate or visible speaker to put out high-performance sound. Our in-house experts carefully designed Instinct to put out superior sound without sacrificing style. 

Unlike any light switch in existence — smart or otherwise — Instinct features LEDs behind its rocker-style paddle that appear like magic to form an Echo-style light ring and customizable night light. There’s no sorcery involved, just 12 LEDs working in concert for ultimate function and shine. 

Echo-style light ring

The Echo-style light ring behind Instinct’s paddle only appears when you say “Alexa.” At that point, Alexa is awaiting your voice command (Alexa only listens when prompted). Once you give Alexa your command, the light ring spins just like an Echo device, signaling that your command is being processed. Once Alexa finishes responding, the light ring disappears behind Instinct’s paddle. In a matter of moments, Instinct can go from looking like a regular light switch, to a super smart light switch, back to a regular light switch. 

Instinct’s light ring also serves as a status guide. When the light ring is pulsing yellow, you have a message or notification waiting for you. Just say “Alexa, play my messages” or “Alexa, what are my notifications?”

If the light ring is solid red, Instinct’s microphone has been muted. You can mute the microphone at any time by pressing the button on the bottom left side of the switch. If Instinct’s light ring is spinning orange, it’s simply waiting to be set up. Just download and open the Instinct Switch app (available in the App Store and Google Play) to get started.

Customizable night light

You have full control of Instinct’s night light in the Amazon Alexa app. Customize the night light with voice commands, or directly in the Amazon Alexa app.

Within the app, take your smart home a step further with night light-specific Routines. Every night when the sun sets, have your night light automatically turn on at a certain color, for example.

Just like Instinct’s light ring, its night light serves more than one function. Instinct automatically updates over-the-air when new firmware updates are pushed out. This is great for two reasons — you never have to worry about finding an unexpected firmware update because it just happens; and we can add features directly to Instinct over-the-air, making it even more powerful. Instinct’s night light will flash purple during an update, so you’ll know when it’s happening. Alexa may be unresponsive for a few minutes during the update process.  

We went the extra mile to make sure Instinct is smart and stylish. You love your home, so it's time to love your smart switches too. We could have made some of Instinct's hidden features, like its light ring and night light, much more obvious. Instead, we put in the extra effort to ensure Instinct's design meets our standards, and more importantly, the standards of our valued customers — because in the end, you, the customer, are who we're really thinking about when we create innovative products like Instinct. 

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